• Tabitha Crosby

Myth Or Reality: The illusive Skunkape Tour

I would recommend to visit the Big Cypress National Park and spend the day trying to find more about the mysterious creature that roams the Everglades. It's a large landscape that many have yet to believe has fully been explored.

Dedicated Skunkape activist Dave Shealy is offering his efforts to investigate and bring these mysterious animals to the public. The following video below explains more on the lure and mystery of these animals.

With investigations preformed by the History channel, Animal Planet, and The Smithsonian Magazine have all delved deeper into Dave’s research to try and find more on the local wildlife.

The Official Skunkape headquarters has been recognized by the state and holds a license for the Everglades to give guided tours. In Dave’s opinion, you will not be disappointed.

The exhibit holds many exotic snakes, and massive alligators including Goldie one of the largest snakes to be held in captivity weighing over 350 pounds.

You can go to the Skunk Ape headquarters to further analyze remains or purchase one of the kind items and merchandise.

The guided tours offer an experience they promise will be like no other. The tours can take you either poling, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, or camping in the park. The traveler is promised the most authentic experience form natives who have been associated with the land for more than 5 generations.

It's open all year round so the opportunity for a swamp tour is available whenever you want. The tours can range to specific in animal wildlife where you are promised up close and personal experiences with wild animals, to photography sessions where you are brought to the most scenic location with bustling wildlife.

They even offer guided sunset tours but be warned, bring bug spray.

Prices can vary from $89.00 too $129.00 with times ranging 2 to 4 hours. Supplies are given to you and all materials are provided for the tours which leave only you to show up and experience the mystery of the Everglades.

To find out more about Dave’s findings and reasonings the Skunkape is on the brink of mass extinction. Watch the video below to learn more about Skunkape and the mysteries they shroud over Florida.

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